The NSW legislation website is the primary source for NSW legislation.
It is managed by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office.

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Image courtesy of Destination NSW
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We expect to launch our new website on Monday, 31 August.

We’re working hard in the time left to make sure it’s ready but there’s a bit of time left for you to preview it as the beta site or to revisit to see the changes since you last looked—we still welcome your feedback. Be sure to make use of the Help (FAQ) page where you’ll find answers to the feedback questions we’ve been asked during the development period.

Legislation websites are by their nature and content very complex and our new site features more advanced functionality than we’ve previously offered. While we’ve checked our content and all functionality extensively, there will inevitably be some glitches. Please let us know if you spot anything that’s not quite right so we can fix it.

Please note that until the new website is launched, this website remains the official website for NSW legislation.

From the week beginning Monday, 31 August we’re introducing a new way to lodge and publish gazette notices and a new format for the gazette.

We’re rolling out our gazette notice lodgement portal, an online system we’ve developed in-house and had tested by some of our regular gazette clients. To lodge a notice, you’ll log in from the Gazette page on the legislation website where you’ll find links to how-to videos, FAQs and an email ready to send to a dedicated Gazette Help box. Our gazette team will also be happy to help on the phone.

The new gazette format will involve compiling individual subject category volumes to make it easier for gazette users to find relevant notices. Notices will appear in the volume for the category selected when a notice is lodged and the volumes will continue to be published on the Gazette page of the legislation website.

More detail will be available in the emails you receive from now on when you contact our gazette team. Please note that until the new website is launched, this website remains the official website for NSW legislation.

From 1 July 2020 we are changing our approach to how we publish amendment Acts.

Amendment Acts will no longer be available in the In force collection and updated versions of those Acts with commenced provisions removed will not be produced.

The original versions of all amendment Acts will still be available in the As made collection and consolidated versions of legislation will continue to be available in the In force collection as soon as possible after the amendments commence.